Black Oak LED

Black Oak LED

Black Oak LED is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality LED lighting products for various applications. The company was founded in 2010 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to create a better lighting solution for off-road vehicles.

Today, Black Oak LED offers a wide range of LED lighting products, including light bars, cubes, pods, and rock lights. Their products are designed to be durable, reliable, and high-performing, making them ideal for off-road use, marine applications, and industrial lighting.

One of the key features of Black Oak LED products is their use of high-quality materials and advanced technology. The company uses Cree LEDs, which are known for their brightness, efficiency, and longevity. They also use high-quality optics, such as TIR lenses, to ensure that their products provide optimal light output and distribution.

Black Oak LED is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products. They also have a strong focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability, using recycled materials in their products and minimizing waste in their manufacturing processes.

Overall, Black Oak LED is a reputable company that produces high-quality LED lighting products for a variety of applications.

Black Oak LED Product Categories

Black Oak LED offers a range of high-quality LED lighting products for automotive/RV, marine navigation, and instruments applications. Here are some of the product categories under each:

  1. Automotive/RV Lighting:

  • LED Light Bars: Black Oak LED offers a variety of LED light bars designed for off-road and on-road use. These include straight, curved, and double-row light bars in different sizes and shapes.
  • LED Pods and Cubes: The company also offers LED pods and cubes that provide focused illumination for specific areas, such as fog lights or backup lights.
  • LED Work Lights: Black Oak LED provides LED work lights for use in work environments such as construction sites, warehouses, and factories.
  • LED Headlights: The company offers LED headlights that are brighter and more efficient than traditional halogen headlights.
  • LED Interior Lights: Black Oak LED also provides LED interior lights for vehicles, such as dome lights and map lights.
  1. Marine Navigation & Instruments:

  • Marine LED Light Bars: Black Oak LED offers a range of marine LED light bars designed to withstand harsh marine environments. These light bars are available in straight, curved, and double-row configurations.
  • Marine LED Pods and Cubes: The company also offers marine LED pods and cubes for focused illumination on boats and other marine vessels.
  • LED Navigation Lights: Black Oak LED provides LED navigation lights for boats, including bow lights, stern lights, and port/starboard lights.
  • LED Instrument Lights: The company offers LED instrument lights that can be used to illuminate boat gauges and dashboards.

Overall, Black Oak LED's product offerings for automotive/RV and marine applications are designed to provide high-quality and efficient lighting solutions that can withstand harsh environments.

Latest Black Oak LED Products:

Some of Black Oak LED's latest products were:

  • Pro Series 2.0 LED Light Bars: These LED light bars feature improved LED technology and optics, allowing for brighter and more efficient illumination. They also have a new mounting system that makes installation easier and more secure.

  • Dual Function LED Pods: These LED pods have both spot and flood beam options, allowing for more versatility in lighting applications. They also have a rugged, waterproof design for use in harsh environments.

  • LED Work Light Panels: These LED panels feature high-output LEDs and a low profile design for use in tight spaces. They also have a magnetic base for easy installation and positioning.

  • Marine Navigation Lights: Black Oak LED's marine navigation lights are designed to meet US Coast Guard regulations for visibility and safety on the water. They feature waterproof housings and bright LED illumination.

  • LED Color Changing Rock Lights: These LED rock lights allow for customization of lighting color and pattern, making them a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts. They also have a durable and waterproof design for use in rugged environments.

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