Boat Cleats
Boat Cleats

Boat Cleats

Boat Cleats

Boat cleats are hardware fixtures that serve as attachment points for securing ropes, lines, and cables on boats. These sturdy devices are designed to provide a reliable and secure means of tying off various elements on a vessel. There are several types of boat cleats available, each with its own distinct features and uses. In the following sections, we will define each type of boat cleat along with its specific characteristics.

Open Base Cleats:

Open base cleats are the most common type of boat cleats. They feature a simple design consisting of two horns or prongs extending upward from a base. These cleats are typically made of durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or nylon. Open base cleats are versatile and can be found on a wide range of boats, from small recreational vessels to large commercial ships.

Horn Cleats:

Horn cleats, also known as closed base cleats, are characterized by a closed circular or oval-shaped base with one or more protruding horns. These cleats are commonly made of stainless steel or bronze to provide increased strength and corrosion resistance. Horn cleats are well-suited for larger boats and yachts due to their robust design.

Herreshoff Cleats:

Herreshoff cleats, sometimes referred to as chock cleats, have a distinct "U" shape. They consist of a curved base with two elongated arms extending horizontally. Herreshoff cleats are typically made of stainless steel or bronze and are commonly used on sailboats.

Folding Cleats:

Folding cleats are designed to be recessed or mounted flush with the surface of the boat. They can be temporarily folded down when not in use, reducing tripping hazards and providing a cleaner deck surface. Folding cleats are often made of stainless steel or marine-grade nylon.

Each type of boat cleat serves specific purposes and has unique advantages depending on the vessel's requirements. By understanding the characteristics and applications of each cleat type, boat owners and enthusiasts can make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate cleats for their specific boating needs.

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