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Communication - Accessories

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Iridium Post Paid SIM Card Activation Required - Orange [IRID-SIM-DIP]

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Post Paid SIM Card Activation Required - OrangePostpaid Iridium Service subscriptions are a great option if you use a satellite phone on a regular basis or for a prolonged span of time. You'll get...

Icom Standard Antenna f/M24, M34 & M36 Portables [FASC58V]

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SKU: 53691

Replacement AntennaSoft flexible antenna for M24, M34 & M36 Specifications: Type: Antennas Box Dimensions: 1"H x 1"W x 7"L WT: 0.1 lbs UPC: 4909723003779

Glomex PL-259 Male Connector f/RG58 C/U Coax Cable [SGVPL259]

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SKU: 70678

PL-259 Male Connector for RG58 C/U Coax CableGlomex Twist on PL-259 Male connector ideal for use with RG58C/UWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD which is known to the ...

Furuno LH3010 Intercom Speaker [LH3010]

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SKU: 13542

Intercom SpeakerThe LH3010 is a two-way Intercom Speaker with call button for use with the LH3000 Loud Hailer. Desktop bracket and mounting hardware are included.WARNING: This product can expose y...

Icom IS Intrinsically Safe Speaker Mic f/M85UL [HM184UL]

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SKU: 86312

IS Intrinsically Safe Speaker Mic for M85UL14-pin intrinsically safe approved waterproof speaker microphone.

Icom Li-Ion Battery f/M34 & M36 [BP252]

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SKU: 30539

Li-Ion BatterySpecifically for Icom's M34 and M36 handheld VHF radios. Provides approximately 9 hours of operating time. Specifications: Type: Batteries Box Dimensions: 1"H x 3"W x 5"L WT: 0.25 l...

Standard Horizon Compact Speaker Mic [SSM-17H]

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SKU: 85338

Compact Speaker MicThe SSM-17H is fully compatible with all the handheld transceivers that have a speaker mic connection. The audio power, quality and design of the SSM-17H are improvements as com...

Standard Horizon Microphone f/GX14xx GX18xx Series - Black [CS2596701]

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SKU: 83136

Microphone for GX14xx & GX18xx Series - BlackStandard Horizon's Speaker Microphone specifically for Standard's GX14xx and GX18xx Series.Features:Color: Black

Standard Horizon Replacement Speaker Microphone f/Quantum GX6000 VHF/AIS [SSM-76H]

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SKU: 74881

Replacement Speaker Microphone for Quantum GX6000 VHF/AISStandard's Replacement Speaker Microphone specifically for Standard's Quantum GX6000 VHF/AIS.Features: Color: Black Replacement Specificat...

Icom VOX/PTT Case w/14-Pin Connector [VS-5MC]

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SKU: 73971

VOX/PTT Case with 14-Pin ConnectorPTT Switch Cable with VOX Function, 14-pin Connector. VS-5MC is required when using HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97. Compatible with ICOM IC-F52D, IC-F62D radios. Specifica...

Icom 20 Cable w/Plug f/M504, M506 M510 [OPC1000]

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SKU: 28561

20' Cable with Plug for Icom's M504, M506 & M510Extension cable with mounting base for use with rear panel microphone connection. Specifications: Type: Cables Box Dimensions: 1"H x 6"W x 7"L W...

Icom Shielded Control Cable f/AT-140 [OPC1147N]

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SKU: 15032

Shielded Control Cable10m shielded control cable connect between AT-140 and m802 receiver. Specifications: Type: Cables Box Dimensions: 2"H x 10"W x 12"L WT: 1.3 lbs UPC: 731797812360

Beckson Soft-Mate Radio Holder - White [HH-8]

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SKU: 46467

Soft-Mate Radio HolderBeckson's Soft-Mate Radio Holder holds handheld GPS units, radios, and cell phones. The safety-soft flexible PVC holder won't hurt the user or the equipment.The full size HH-...

Standard Horizon Mic Extension Kit [MEK-4]

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SKU: 41981

MEK-4 Microphone Extension KitUsed to extend the front panel microphoneThe MEK-4 contains 20 ft. of routing cable, Stainless Steel panel mount and screws. For use with QUANTUM Series radios. Speci...

Standard Horizon SBR-29LI Li-Ion Battery Pack f/HX400 [SBR-29LI]

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SKU: 70599

SBR-29LI Li-Ion Battery Pack for HX400Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack designed for HX400 Radio Specifications: Type: Batteries Box Dimensions: 2"H x 3"W x 6"L WT: 0.4 lbs UPC: 788026164196