Communication - Antenna Mounts & Accessories

Communication - Antenna Mounts & Accessories

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Glomex 2-Way Splitter TV - TV or TV - FM [V9147]

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2-Way Splitter TV - TV or TV - FM2-Way Splitter for TV - TV or TV - FMFor use with Glomex V9125, V9112 and V9130WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD which is known to t...

Glomex VHF/AIS/Radio Splitter - 12VDC [RA201]

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VHF/AIS/Radio Splitter - 12VDCThe RA201 splitter allows the use of just one VHF antenna to simultaneously receive VHF, AM/FM and AIS radio signals; without sacrificing performance on the VHF trans...

Glomex 2-1/4" Round Grounding Plate [RA206]

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2-1/4" Round Grounding PlateEarthen or ground plates are a necessary interface between on board electronic devices and the heat sink: water.Glomex earthen plates are made of golden sintered bronze...

Shakespeare Style 4008 Extension Mast [4008]

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Shakespeare Style 4008 Extension Mast4008 EXTENSION MAST8' HEAVY DUTYLightweight, 1-1/2" diameter extension mast of structurally strong fiberglass. Use with Style 409-R or 410-R Mounting Kit. Chro...

Rupp Threaded Antenna Support w/6" Flat Mount, Oval 4-Way Base & 1.5" Collar [PAK-0006]

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Threaded Antenna Support w/6" Flat Mount, Oval 4-Way Base & 1.5" CollarA perfect blend of form and function, Antenna Mounting Systems by Rupp combine good looks with innovative designs. Our lo...

Rupp Four-Way Oval Antenna Base Assembly [209-1277-00]

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Four-Way Oval Antenna Base AssemblyOval antenna base complete with black anodized clevis (09-1088-23) and forged aluminum fittings. Specifications: Type: Misc Box Dimensions: 2"H x 6"W x 8"L WT: 0...

Shakespeare 4186U Nylon Ratchet Mount - Unassembled [4186-U]

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Style 4186Ratchet MountFour-way ratchet design with handle, for deck or side mounting. Not for use with antennas longer than 8ft in self-supporting mode, as this nullifies all warranties. Specific...

Digital Antenna Extension Cable f/500 Series VHF/AIS Antennas - 10' [C118-10]

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Extension Cable f/500 Series VHF/AIS Antennas - 10'An easy solution to extending the cable on Digital Antenna's 500 series VHF and AIS antennas. Simply connect the included double mini-UHF male ad...

Scanstrut Rail Mount f/GPS or VHF Antenna [RA-01]

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Rail MountGPS/VHF RAIL ACCESSORY The Rail Mount is the perfect solution for those wishing to attach a single antenna to a pushpit rail. Features: Extra protection The Rail Mount can be fitted to...

Shakespeare 4078-50 50' RG-8X Low Loss Coax Cable [4078-50]

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SHAKESPEARE COAXIAL CABLEThe cable that connects your antenna to your radio can make or break signal quality literally. Shakespeare offers a range of coaxial cables tailored to the needs of marin...

Shakespeare 4357-S Base-Loaded AM / FM / VHF Separator [4357-S]

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Shakespeare Style 4357-SAM/FM/VHF MARINE BAND SEPARATOREliminate the need for separate AM/FM antennas and operate AM/FM and VHF radios at the same time without interfering with VHF radio performan...

Shakespeare 4700-1 12" Stainless Steel Extension [4700-1]

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Shakespeare Style 4700-1 Extension MastShakespeare extension masts can be used to extend the reach of smaller marine antennas by increasing their height above the water, or by helping them clear o...

Shakespeare 408-R Stand-Off Bracket [408-R]

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Shakespeare Style 408-RUPPER BRACKET WHITE MOLDED PLASTICInsulated stand-off bracket of white molded plastic. Corrosion resistant. Easy-open for quick laydown. For use with Styles 81-S and 407 Swi...

Shakespeare AS-2 Automatic Coaxial Switch [AS-2]

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Automatic Coaxial SwitchPart #: AS-2This innovative switch toggles two radios to one antenna. It mounts out of the way, because you don't have to get at it to use it. When you key the microphone...

Vesper External GPS Antenna w/8" Cable f/Cortex M1 [010-13266-10]

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External GPS Antenna with 8" Cable for Cortex M1External GPS Antenna for Cortex M1 with 8" (200mm) cable. This multi-constellation GNSS Antenna is designed as an external antenna for the Cortex Hu...