Communication - Antennas

Communication - Antennas

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Shakespeare AM/FM Low Profile Stainless Antenna - 36" [4355]

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AM/FM Low Profile Stainless Antenna - 36" Band:tAM-FM Cable Length:15' with connectors Ferrule: tL Bracket Color/finish: tStainless Steel Polarity: tVertical Impedance: t50 Ohms DC G...

Shakespeare 5206-N 8' VHF Antenna [5206-N]

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Shakespeare Style 5206-N VHF Marine - Reduced Length Version8' LENGTH 6dBEND-FED WITH MATCHING STUBSame as the Style 5206-C, but the 5206-N has a nylon ferrule.An economical and lightweight, self...

Shakespeare Cellular/Wi-Fi World Band Galaxy Antenna [5239]

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Cellular/Wi-Fi World Band Galaxy AntennaThe Galaxy 5239 antenna is Shakespeare's smallest Galaxy antenna, but don't let the size fool you. This World-band antenna provides coverage for 2G/3G/4G an...

Shakespeare 5911 10" VHF Antenna [5911]

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Shakespeare Style 5911 THE STOWAWAY™ Emergency VHF Flex Antenna Unity GainLOADED 1/4 WAVE WHIPComes packed in a 12™ weather-resistant, plastic tube which can ™stow away™ in an easy-to-reach locat...

Glomex Dual SIM 4G/WIFI All-In-One Coastal Internet System - webBoat 4G Plus for North America [IT1004PLUSEVO/US]

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Dual SIM 4G/WIFI All-In-One Coastal Internet System - webBoat® 4G Plus for North AmericaThe WeBBoat® 4G Plus is the first and award-winning COASTAL INTERNET 4G/3G/Wi-Fi DUAL SIM integrated system ...

Glomex 10" Dome TV Antenna w/Auto Gain Control Mount [V9126AGC]

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10" Dome TV Antenna w/Auto Gain Control & Mount10” TV Antenna Dome with Automatic Gain Control & Nylon Mount (Matches Webboat)The Altair evolves into the Altair AGC to make your life easie...

Glomex 4" x 8" DVB-T2 Full HD TV Marine Omnidirectional Antenna [VT300]

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4" x 8" DVB-T2 Full HD TV Marine Omnidirectional AntennaThe Avior is a TV/FM Omnidirectional antenna in the Glomex range characterized by very compact dimensions (100mm/4” x 210mm/8”). The antenna...

Majestic UFO X Ultra High Gain 30dB Digital TV Antenna - 12V [UFO X]

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TV Antenna UFO X12V - Extremely High Gain Omni Directional TV AntennaThe UFO X is the latest in digital technology and high performance for TV Reception in any mobile environment. It has the highe...

Shakespeare VHF 15in 5216 SS Black Whip Antenna - Bracket Included [5216]

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End-fed, center loaded stainless steel whipHead for the regatta! This super light-weight black VHF marine antenna is specifically built for sailboat racers. It won't add much weight, while deliv...

Shakespeare VHF 7in 5912 Rubber Duck Antenna [5912]

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Flexible AntennaDesigned especially for small boat applications needing only short range communications, the Style 5912 is a small, space-saving antenna that attaches and detaches with ease, once ...

Shakespeare 5104 VHF 4' Antenna [5104]

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Classic Style 5104 4' (1.2m) VHF Marine Band 3dBEnd-Fed with Matching StubFour-foot, 3dB antenna with a great selection of high-end features. Brass and copper elements for performance, plus a sm...

Shakespeare 2Ft Extension [5228-2]

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Heavy-Duty Galaxy Extension MastTwo feet length. Constructed of high-quality Shakespeare white fiberglass, and finished to match Galaxy antennas. This 1" diameter expension mast can be used to i...

Glomex AIS Antenna w/Supplied "L" Bracket 66 Coax Cable [SGA100SBBK]

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AIS Antenna with Supplied "L" Bracket & 66' Coax CableThe Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a monitoring system of naval traffic, useful for navigation safety with difficult meteorologi...

Vesper External Cellular Antenna w/5M (16) Cable Mounts f/Cortex M1 [010-13266-20]

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External Cellular Antenna with 5M (16') Cable & Mounts for Cortex M1Extend the range of the remote monitoring by adding an external cellular antenna. The M1 Cortex transponder/hub includes a b...

Shakespeare 6500-WB 4FT BroadBand VHF Antenna [6500-WB]

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6500-WB 4FT Broad Band VHF Antenna 3dBBuilt for maximum performance, this 4’ broad band antenna is designed to endure the harsh environment and communication requirements in commercial, law enforc...