Draw Tite

Draw Tite

Draw-Tite is a brand known for its towing and trailer hitch products. They specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of towing-related products, including trailer hitches, hitch receivers, hitch balls, weight distribution systems, brake controllers, and other towing accessories.

Here are some key products offered by Draw-Tite:

  1. Trailer Hitches: Draw-Tite produces trailer hitches that are designed to securely attach to a vehicle's frame and provide a connection point for towing trailers. They offer various types of hitches, including receiver hitches, gooseneck hitches, and fifth-wheel hitches, catering to different towing needs.

  2. Hitch Receivers: Draw-Tite manufactures hitch receivers, which are the part of the trailer hitch that mounts to the vehicle's frame. These receivers come in different sizes and weight capacities, allowing users to select the appropriate receiver for their towing requirements.

  3. Hitch Balls and Mounts: They provide a range of hitch balls and mounts that are used to couple trailers to the trailer hitch. These products come in different sizes and weight ratings to match the specific towing needs of different trailers.

  4. Weight Distribution Systems: Draw-Tite offers weight distribution systems that help distribute the weight of the trailer more evenly across the towing vehicle and trailer axles. This helps improve stability and control while towing heavy loads.

  5. Brake Controllers: They produce brake controllers that enable the driver to control and apply the brakes on the trailer. Brake controllers ensure synchronized braking between the towing vehicle and the trailer, enhancing safety and control while towing.

Draw-Tite products are designed to meet industry standards and are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of installation. They cater to a wide range of towing applications, from light-duty towing to heavy-duty hauling. Whether for recreational trailers, utility trailers, or commercial purposes, Draw-Tite offers towing solutions to meet different customer needs.

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