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Raymarine Wireless Mast Rotation Transmitter [T221]

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This unique transmitter compensates for the movement of a rotating mast to ensure that you get the most accurate wind readings at all times. Operating as a wireless device on a Micronet network th...

Raymarine Wireless Multi Wind System [T101-916]

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Tacktick Wind SystemPackage Contains: T112 Micronet Analogue Display T120 Micronet Wind Transmitter T112 Micronet Analogue DisplayMultifunction digital analogue display for the Micronet system. S...

Davis WindTrak 10 Sport Wind Vane [3120]

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WindTrak 10 Sport Wind VaneWith the introduction of the WindTrak 10 Sport, WindTrak wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secr...

Schaefer Little Hawk MK1 Wind Indicator f/Dinghies Up To 6M [H003F00]

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Little Hawk MK 1 For Dinghies up to 6mThe Little Hawk Mk1 is a small, lightweight and robust Wind Indicator designed to be positioned at the top of the mast on dinghies up to 6m. Very popular with...

Raymarine i40 Wind Display System w/Rotavecta Transducer [E70144]

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i40 Wind w/Rotavecta TransducerCompact and feature-packed instruments, the i40 series instruments are smart choice for boaters looking high performance and great value.The i40 series is simple to ...

Raymarine i60 Wind Display System - Analog Close-Hauled [E70062]

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i60 SeaTalkng Instruments - Wind Analog-Closed Hauled***i60 Close Hauled Wind SeaTalkng instrument display is a repeater, must be used in conjuction with an i60 Wind System***The all-new i60 Instr...

Clipper Wireless Wind System Complete w/Display [CL-WWS]

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Wireless Masthead & Data BoxThe mast head transmitter is completely wireless and is supplied with a base unit, which is powered by the vessel's 12Vsupply, the base unit receives wind speed and...

ComNav Stand Alone Rudder Angle Indicator System [10360001]

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Stand Alone Rudder Angle Indicator SystemComplete single station RAI system typically used on vessels that do not have a ComNav autopilot or, in cases where a separate RAI system is required (such...

Clipper Speed Log Instrument w/Transducer & Cover [CL-S]

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If you are looking for cockpit instruments that feature cutting edge technology yet are intuitively simple to operate, look no further. The outstanding Clipper range of instruments incorporate tec...

Clipper Wind System V2 w/Masthead Transducer & Cover [CL-W]

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The Clipper Wind system shares the same 110mm square case as its sister instruments in the Clipper range. the display is exceptionally large and clear, with 60 segments for full 360 degree directi...

Clipper Wind Repeater [CL-WR]

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The Clipper Wind Repeater has the user selectable pointer style and selectable wind speed scale of the master unit.Technical Specifications: Consumption, 10mA+ (25mA for display illumination max)...

Clipper Duet Instrument Depth Speed Log w/Transducer [CL-DS]

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Best selling combined Speed/Distance Log and Echo Sounder in standard 110mm square size. Suitable for open cockpit mounting. Technical Specifications: Depth Sounder in feet and meters Shallow a...

Davis Wind-Tels Spare Vane Set [1261]

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Extra Wind-Tel Vane Set Specifications: Instrument Function: Wind Type: Wind Indicator Box Dimensions: 1"H x 4"W x 4"L WT: 0.1 lbs UPC: 011698126101

Davis J-Base f/WindTrak 15 [3155]

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J-BASE for WindTrak 15This optional mount for WindTrak 15 provides more versatility and reduces overall weight aloft by 15 grams when substituted for standard WindTrak 15 mounting base.The J-Base ...

Davis Black Max Wind Direction Indicator [1295]

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Black Max Wind Direction IndicatorBlack Max is a versatile, high performance wind direction indicator that attaches quickly to the mast or boom. The tough high impact plastic vane is designed to w...