Marine Safety - Accessories

Marine Safety - Accessories

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Adventure Medical RapidPure Purifier Insulated Bottle [0160-0124]


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RapidPure® Purifier & Insulated BottlePerfect for weekend hikes, global adventures, or everyday use, the RapidPure® Purifier + Insulated Bottle gives you the power to filter and purify water a...

Adventure Medical RapidPure Purifier Bottle [0160-0123]


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RapidPure® Purifier & BottlePerfect for weekend hikes, global adventures, or everyday use, the RapidPure® Purifier + Bottle gives you the power to filter and purify water as you drink with no ...

Innovative Lighting Handheld Electronic Horn Yellow [545-2010-7]

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Hand Held Electric HornProduct Number: 545 Series Contains No CFC's No Haz-Mat No leaking or Limited Shelf Life Weatherproof Solid State Electronics Shock Resistant Construction Meets United...

Mustang Accessory Pocket f/Inflatable PFD - Orange [MA6000-2-0-101]


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Accessory Pocket for Inflatable PFD - OrangeThe MA6000 Accessory Pocket is designed to attach to the waist belt of all Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs. It is ergonomically designed to provide you...

Mustang Re-Arm Kit I 33g Hammar - Manual [MA3181-0-0-101]

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Re-Arm Kit I 33g Hammar - ManualYou went with the best when you chose your PFD. Only the best rearm kit will do, and to have a Hammar that’s got your back (and front), it’s worth it. The Manual Ha...

Edson One-Step Boarding Step w/Line [520-14]

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One-Step Boarding Step w/LineIf the deck of your boat seems to be getting higher and your dinghy seems to be getting lower, get Edson's "One-Step Boarding Step". Edson makes getting onboard safer ...

Adventure Medical RapidPure 2.5" Replacement Cartridge - Water Purification [0160-0150]

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RapidPure® 2.5" Replacement Cartridge - Water Purification Keep your RapidPure® Water Purification System running like new.  The RapidPure® Replacement Purifier Cartridge lets you keep using your ...

Mustang 90 Ring Buoy Line w/Throw Bag [MRD190-0-0-215]

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90' Ring Buoy Line with Throw BagThrowline to attach to ring buoy for safe deployment.Recommend for:Industrial MarineFeatures: Length: 90' (27.4M) Material: 3/8" (9.5mm) Polypropylene Floating Rop...

Scotty Throw Bag w/50' MFP Floating Line [793]

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Throw BagNo. 79350' x 9/32"660lb test braided MFP polypropylene floating rope. Bright orange nylon and polyester self-draining bag that comes with adjustable strap and 3m reflective safety band.

Mustang Re-Arm Kit G 12g - Manual [MA7116-0-0-102]

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Re-Arm Kit G 12g - ManualThe 12g manual Re-arm Kit contains everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Survival Khimera PFD after deployment. Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits. Use of other r...

Davis Echomaster Radar Reflector [152]

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Echomaster™ Radar ReflectorGive ships a chance to see you in fog and low visibility. This model provides 12 square meters of radar cross section. Ranked on of the best radar reflectors and rated s...

Mustang Re-Arm Kit H 17g HR - Auto Manual [MA4031-0-0-101]

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Re-Arm Kit H 17g HR - Auto & ManualThe only thing worse than premature inflation? One that doesn’t inflate at all. Keep your inflatables ready to pop at any time with fresh cartridges on hand....

Onyx Rearming Kit f/33 Gram A/M All Clear Vests [136300-701-999-19]

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Rearming Kit for 33 Gram A/M All Clear VestsInflatable life jackets can be reused after each inflation but the CO2 cylinder needs to be replaced before using again.  Use an Onyx rearming kit to ke...

Adventure Medical Dental Medic [0185-0102]

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Dental MedicNothing brings a person to their knees like a dental emergency, whether it is an infection, a lost filling, or a fractured tooth. The Dental Medic contains the essentials for treating ...

Crewsaver Dual Crotch Strap [10032]


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Dual Crotch StrapFit to your inflatable lifejacket’s or buoyancy aid’s attachment points for a more secure fit and to hold you in a safer position in the water. Features:Detailed instructions incl...