Lifejackets are flotation devices which can be worn to keep a person afloat in the water. These are a crucial piece of equipment that have helped save thousands of lives over the years.A lifejacket is typically made of polyester stuffed with foam cubes, with reflective patches on the front and back. They are bright, colored orange or yellow, so as to be spotted easily from a distance.

Today’s life jackets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets are sized by weight. Make sure that everyone is wearing one that is properly-sized.Restricted to the special use for which each is designed, for example: sailboard harness, deck suit, paddling vest, commercial white water vest or float coats.

Gear Ramp provides Different Varieties include kayaking, waterskiing, windsurfing, deck suits and hybrid inflatable vests. Type V PFDs come in inflatable or hybrid (inherently buoyant and Nylon Life Jacket. We have Adult Life Jackets,Kids' Life Jackets,Dog Life Jackets,Rearming Kits

Marine Safety - Personal Flotation Devices (422)

Onyx Nylon General Purpose Life Jacket - Adult Oversize - Red [103000-100-005-12]


Mustang Livery Foam Vest - Red - Medium/Large [MV701DMS-4-M/L-216]


Mustang Operations Support Water Rescue Vest - Fluorescent Yellow/Green/Black - Medium/Large [MRV050WR-251-M/L-216]


Mustang Lil Legends Infant Foam - Red - Infant [MV325002-277-0-206]


Mustang High Visibility Industrial Mesh Vest - Fluorescent Yellow/Green/Black - XXL/3XL [MV1254T3-239-XXL/XXXL-216]


Onyx Impulse A/M-33 All Clear Auto/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket - Blue [132800-500-004-21]


Onyx Re-Arm Kit for M-16 Manual Inflatable Life Jackets - 16 Gram [137000-701-999-16]


Kent Search and Rescue "SAR" Commercial Vest - Large [150400-200-040-12]


Kent 4-Pack of Adult Type II Vests in Stowage Bag [102200-200-004-12]