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Outdoor - Flashlights

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Princeton Tec QUAD Industrial Headlamp - Black [QUAD-IND]

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QUAD Industrial Headlamp - BlackThe Safety Rated Quad Industrial is a sturdy headlamp that weighs in at a mere 3.4oz, the lightest in Princeton Tec’s line of regulated-LED headlamps, meaning you a...

Princeton Tec Mossy Oak Gamekeeper - SYNC Headlamp [SYNC21-GK]

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Mossy Oak Gamekeeper - SYNC HeadlampWe’ve partnered with Mossy Oak Gamekeeper to produce a line-up of American-made personal lighting equipment featuring their Bottomland pattern. We molded our fa...

Princeton Tec 1" Headlamp Strap - Black [HL-501]

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1" Headlamp Strap - BlackNeed some new straps? This Genuine Princeton Tec cloth-elastic headlamp strap is the perfect replacement for your EOS, Quad, Vizz, Fuel, Sync or similar headlamps which us...

Princeton Tec SNAP Headlamp- Green/Gray [SNAP300K-GY]

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SNAP Headlamp- Green/GrayMulti-talented, hard-working and adventurous: just like you. The SNAP is a one stop tool for any of your lighting needs: headlamp, flashlight, bike light, safety flasher, ...

Princeton Tec Torrent LED - Neon Yellow [T500-NY]

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Torrent LED - Neon YellowPower meets versatility in the Torrent LED. It’s small enough to be a backup light, but with a 500 Lumen Maxbright LED, Torrent is more than powerful enough to be a main s...

Princeton Tec Quad Tactical - Olive Drab [QUAD-TAC-OD]

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SKU: 72636

Quad Tactical - Olive DrabThe Quad Tactical is lit by four Ultrabright LEDs offering a wide, bright flood light.Features like a rugged and durable body, waterproof rating up to 1 meter (330 feet),...

Princeton Tec Industrial Hard Hat Kit [HL-103]

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Industrial Hard Hat KitIndustrial Rubberized Non-slip Hard Hat Strap for use with mounting most Princeton Tec headlamps on to your hard hat. This durable rubberized strap works with any headlamp p...

Princeton Tec EOS BIKE Light - Black [EOS130-BIKE]

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SKU: 68795

EOS BIKE Light - BlackEOS Bike is a headlight for you and your bike: a combination of a Maxbright LED and our in-house designed collimator that balances a long-throw beam with localized lighting.T...

Hella Marine Twin Beam Hand Held Search Light - 12V [998502001]

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Twin Beam Hand Held Search Light - 12VHella marine hand held search lights are vital tools for night sailing and landing maneuvers.Features: Two reflectors and two halogen bulbs on separate switch...

Princeton Tec Roam Headlamp - Neon Yellow [R1-NY]

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SKU: 85591

Roam Headlamp - Neon YellowThe original dive headlamp is back, brighter than ever!Decades ago, Princeton Tec introduced a diveable headlamp. Next, we shifted focus to brighter handheld lights – bu...

Princeton Tec IMPACT XL LED Light - Blue [IMPXL-BL]

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SKU: 85589

IMPACT XL LED Light - BlueWe took the traditional look and feel of handheld halogen flashlights and added in our Maxbright LED to make the Impact XL.With a rubber overmold, twist bezel and rugged ...

Navisafe IPX6 Waterproof LED Headlamp [220-1]

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SKU: 84052

IPX6 Waterproof LED HeadlampThe Navisafe Headlamp contains all functions needed to make it the Sailor's first choice: a red light to preserve night vision, a white floodlight to light the whole sa...

Princeton Tec Alloy-X Dual Fuel LED Pen Light [ALLOY-X]


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Alloy-X Dual Fuel LED Pen LightAlloy-X is a sleek, compact, dual-fuel Micro-USB rechargeable penlight with 2 AAA Alkaline backup options.  Alloy-X is equipped with a powerful 400 lumen SAMSUNG LH3...

Princeton Tec Nav Pack Box Set - Neon Yellow [NP-NY]

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Nav Pack Box Set - Neon YellowNav Pack is Princeton Tec’s no compromises light pack with the brightest dive lights we have to offer, plus two handy pieces of Gadget Gear.The pistol grip Sector 7 p...

Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp - Black/Grey [APX21-BK/DK]

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Apex LED Headlamp - Black/GreyThe brightest headlamp in our professional series, the Apex, has been a favorite of extreme outdoorsmen and cavers for years.The pinnacle of waterproof LED headlamp d...