Automotive/RV - Satellite Receivers

Automotive/RV - Satellite Receivers

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KVH HR24 HD/DVR Receiver - 110V AC f/DIRECTV w/RF/IR Remote Control [72-0900-HR24]

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HR24 HD/DVR Receiver - 110V AC for DIRECTV with RF/IR Remote ControlKVH Satellite Receiver with RF remote can be mounted in cabinets and hidden away located. Ideal for marine installations. The HR...

KVH H24 DIRECTV Receiver - 110V AC w/IR/RF Remote [72-0900-H24]

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H24 DIRECTV Receiver - 110V AC with IR/RF RemoteDIRECTV H24 High Definition HD ready receiver is small, fast, and smart! This HD receiver works with all DIRECTV systems including legacy dish syste...

KVH Dual Output Signal Destacker [19-0410]

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Dual Signal DestackerThis dual signal destacker is compatible with most KVH Industries TracVision units without HDTV capabilities and enables an HDTV signal to be sent to 2 receivers, so your fami...

KING Coax Cable Entry Cover Plate [CE2000]

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Coax Cable Entry Cover PlateUse when mounting KING Tailgater or Quest to the roof of your RV to provide a watertight seal where cables penetrate the roof.

KVH DIRECTV Ethernet Coax Adapter (DECA) [19-1040]

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DIRECTV Ethernet Coax Adapter (DECA)For Automatic Switching in Multi-receiver Applications