Communication - VHF - Handheld

Communication - VHF - Handheld

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Icom M73 Submersible Handheld VHF Marine Radio - 6W [M73 61]

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M73 Submersible Handheld VHF Marine Radio- 6WThe M73 is perfect for the commercial marine market and radio users familiar with Icom's celebrated M72 VHF handheld. The M73 features 6 Watts of high ...

Icom M73 PLUS Handheld VHF Marine Radio w/Active Noise Cancelling Voice Recording - 6W [M73 PLUS 71]

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M73 PLUS Handheld VHF Marine Radio with Active Noise Cancelling & Voice Recording - 6WThe M73’s ergonomic design fits easily in the user’s hand and is a rugged, durable radio. The large screen...

Icom M94D VHF Marine Radio w/DSC AIS [M94D]

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M94D VHF Marine Radio with DSC & AISSimplified AIS and DSC in One PackageThe simplified AIS and DSC functions add further assurance for safety at sea. With the integrated AIS receiver, real-ti...

Standard Horizon HX300 Floating Handheld VHF [HX300]

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HX300 Floating Handheld VHFThe HX300 is an extremely compact 5W handheld VHF radio. If dropped overboard, a flashing strobe light is activated to help recover the unit. Key features include progra...

Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Floating Marine Radio [ATLANTIS 155]

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Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Floating Marine RadioThe Uniden Atlantis 155 continues Uniden's tradition of providing tough and reliable handheld radios. It features all NOAA weather channels, ...

Icom GM1600 GMDSS VHF Radio w/BP-234 Battery [GM1600]

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GM1600 GMDSS VHF Radio with BP-234 BatteryThe GM1600 Marine VHF handheld is designed for GMDSS compliant survival craft communications. The radio is engineered to survive and function in the extre...

Icom GMDSS Portable f/Survival Craft [GM1600 21K]

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GMDSS Portable for Survival CraftMeets the strict environmental requirements for survival craft radioThe IC-GM1600 meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration and drop resistant (from 1 m height) ...

Icom M37 VHF Handheld Marine Radio - 6W [M37 31]

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M37 VHF Handheld Marine Radio - 6WFeatures: 6 Watt VHF with Float'n Flash and 12 Hours of Operation Large Keys and Easy-to-Grip Design 6 W RF Output Power 700 mW Audio Output More than 12 Hours* o...

Ocean Signal SafeSea V100 GMDSS VHF Radio - 21 Channels [720S-00585]

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SafeSea V100 GMDSS VHF Radio - 21 ChannelsThe Ocean Signal range of survival craft VHF hand portable radiotelephones exceed the requirements of IMO, SOLAS and GMDSS.Features: Lithium Polymer recha...